As a long-time analog photography enthusiast, I’m always on the lookout for unique and creative films to experiment with. Recently, I got my hands on a roll of Revolog Paper Film, a new addition to the Revolog family. Known for their innovative and artistic films, Revolog’s latest offering is a 400 ISO black and white film that adds a paper-like texture to your photos. The effect intensifies with underexposure and softens with overexposure. The film comes in a charming cardboard canister designed by Austrian graphic artist Nadine Werjant, and it’s a limited edition, so each canister is a little piece of art itself.

I decided to take this intriguing film to the Basingstoke Festival of Transport, one of the largest events of its kind in the South of England. With 800 vehicles on display, ranging from pre-war classics to modern marvels, and everything in between, it seemed like the perfect setting to see how the film would perform. I loaded the film into my trusty Canon EOS 300v, pairing it with a more modern Canon F1.8 50mm prime lens to capture the details of these beautiful machines.

Revolog Paper Film

Film Specification

Pack size1
Release Date2024
Film BasePolyester
Development ProcessStandard black and white process
Storage RecommendationsCool, dry place; avoid direct sunlight
Recommended UseArtistic photography, creative projects
Special FeaturesPaper-like texture effect, intensifies with underexposure, softens with overexposure

Revolog Paper Film at the Festival

The festival was a vibrant spectacle of automotive history. From the elegant lines of pre-war cars to the rugged charm of military vehicles, every corner was a photographer’s paradise. The overcast sky provided a soft, diffused light, ideal for black and white photography. As I wandered through the rows of vehicles, the excitement of using a new type of film added an extra layer of anticipation to each shot.

The Revolog Paper Film did not disappoint. The paper-like textures added a nostalgic, almost dreamlike quality to the photos. Classic cars, with their polished chrome and vintage designs, looked like they had been pulled straight out of an old magazine. The texture was especially pronounced in the underexposed shots, giving them a rich, tactile feel. Overexposed shots were softer, with just a hint of the paper effect, adding a subtle artistic touch.

Highlights and Observations

All the cars with their intricate details in the grille and hood ornament were perfectly complemented by the film’s texture, creating an image that felt both timeless and unique. Similarly, a row of vintage motorcycles, with their gleaming metal and leather seats, looked like a scene from a bygone era.

Development and Scanning Process

Developing the Revolog Paper Film was a straightforward and enjoyable process. I used Rodinal developer at a dilution of 1:25 for 5 minutes (Inverted several times at 1 minute intervals), followed by an Ilford stop bath for 2 minutes to halt the development. After that, the film was fixed with Ilford Fixer for 5 minutes to ensure the images were properly stabilised. Once the chemical processes were complete, I air-dried the film, preserving the delicate texture.

For digitisation, I scanned the negatives using a Canon EOS 5DS R paired with a Sigma 105mm Macro lens, ensuring high-resolution and detailed digital versions of my analog photos. This meticulous process allowed me to capture the unique characteristics of the film, translating the artistic textures and tones into stunning digital images.

Final Thoughts

Using the Revolog Paper Film at the Basingstoke Festival of Transport was an incredible experience. The film’s unique texture added a new dimension to my photographs, transforming ordinary scenes into works of art. If you’re a film photographer looking to try something different, I highly recommend giving Revolog Paper Film a shot. It’s perfect for adding an artistic flair to your images, whether you’re shooting classic cars or everyday moments.

Revolog continues to push the boundaries of what film photography can be, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next. For now, I’m thrilled with the results of my experiment and eager to incorporate this film into more of my projects.

Experimenting with Revolog Paper Film ISO400 at the Basingstoke Festival of Transport



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