Ilford Pan F Plus 50 Long Exposure Photography
Ilford Pan F Plus 50 Long Exposure Photography

Ilford Pan F Plus 50 Long Exposure Photography

Embarking on an experimental afternoon at St. Mary’s with Ilford Pan F Plus 50 film loaded into the cherished Zenza Bronica ETRSi, equipped with a 75mm lens. As the late afternoon light gently waned in late April 2024, I delved into the realm of long exposure photography, driven by the desire to capture the ethereal essence of this historic site. With the aid of an ND1000 filter, I set out to transcend the boundaries of conventional imagery, aiming to unveil unseen dimensions within the timeless architecture of St. Mary’s. This journey promised not only technical experimentation but also a deeper immersion into the light, history, and the soul-stirring allure of black and white film photography.

My HD Gallery of these prints can be found under Church’s / Old Buildings Series.

Video of Photographs taken on Ilford Pan F Plus 50

Preparing for the Shoot: Late Afternoon Setup

As I geared up for the shoot, the late afternoon sunlight cast a golden hue over St. Mary’s, creating an enchanting ambiance. I meticulously checked my equipment, ensuring everything was in place for the task ahead. Adjusting the settings on my beloved Zenza Bronica ETRSi, I felt a surge of anticipation for the visual journey about to unfold.

Long Exposure Techniques: Utilising the ND1000 Filter

With the ND1000 filter securely attached to my lens, I delved into the realm of long exposure photography. This technique promised to transform the familiar landscapes of St. Mary’s into something extraordinary, allowing me to capture the passage of time in each Ilford Pan F Plus 50 frame. Adjusting my settings with care, I embraced the challenge of harnessing the power of extended exposure to craft images infused with a sense of serenity and depth.

Capturing the Essence: Exploring the Historic Site Through the Lens

Stepping into the hallowed grounds of St. Mary’s, I felt a profound connection to its rich history and timeless beauty. Through the lens of my camera, I sought to capture not just the physical structures but also the intangible essence that permeated the air. Each click of the shutter was an invitation to explore the intricate details and hidden stories embedded within the ancient architecture. As I wandered through the corridors of time, I found myself drawn to moments of quiet contemplation, allowing the spirit of the place to guide my creative vision.

Ilford Pan F Plus 50


Reflecting on my time spent at St. Mary’s, I realised that my photographic journey had transcended mere technical experimentation. Immersed in the history and atmosphere of this sacred site, I had embarked on a profound journey of discovery, uncovering layers of meaning hidden beneath the surface. Each frame captured not just a moment in time but also a glimpse into the soul of a place steeped in centuries of human experience.

Lessons Learned: Insights into Experimental Photography

Through the challenges and triumphs of my experimental photography session, I gained invaluable insights into the craft. I learned to embrace uncertainty and adaptability, understanding that the most remarkable images often emerge from moments of spontaneity and exploration. Experimentation became not just a means to an end but a philosophy of creative expression, allowing me to push the boundaries of my artistry with each click of the shutter.

Personal Takeaways: Growth and Appreciation

As I packed up my gear and bid farewell to St. Mary’s, I carried with me a profound sense of growth and appreciation. My journey through its hallowed halls had left an indelible mark on my soul, reminding me of the transformative power of photography to capture the essence of the human experience. With each image preserved on film, I found myself renewed in spirit, eager to continue my exploration of the world through the lens of my camera.

The Results

After developing Ilford Pan F Plus 50, now, it’s time to share the fruits of my labour. I’ve carefully curated a selection of images that encapsulate the essence of my experience at St. Mary’s. From haunting silhouettes against the setting sun to intricate details etched in stone, each photograph tells a story of its own.


As one chapter draws to a close, another beckons on the horizon. With St. Mary’s etched into memory, I eagerly anticipate the countless adventures that lie ahead. From new destinations to fresh techniques, the world of photography is brimming with endless possibilities, and I can’t wait to dive in headfirst.

But this journey wouldn’t be complete without you, dear reader. I invite you to join me on this creative odyssey and share your thoughts, insights, and feedback. Whether you’re an experienced photographer or a curious enthusiast, your voice matters. Let’s continue this conversation, inspire one another, and together, capture the beauty of the world around us.

Tech Bit

Camera – Zensa Bronica ETRSi / 75mm Lens / Cable Release

Film – Ilford Pan F Plus 50

Filer – ND1000 (10 stop)

Tripod – Manfrotto

Timer – Apple iPhone 13 Pro

Developer – Iford Ilfosal3 / 4:30s

Ilford Pan F Plus 50 Long Exposure Photography



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