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Capturing the essence of Grey Seals at Horsey Gap through the lens of a camera is an experience that blends natural beauty with the thrill of wildlife photography. Horsey Gap, located on the picturesque Norfolk coast, is renowned for its stunning landscapes and its vibrant grey seal colonies, probably one of the best places for seal watching in the UK. On a bright and warm day in late June 2024, I embarked on a photographic journey with the sole aim of capturing these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.

Throughout the day, I was treated to a series of unforgettable highlights. The golden sunlight bathed the sand dunes and sparkling waters, providing a perfect backdrop for the playful and curious seals. Their behavior, from basking on the shores to interacting with each other, offered countless opportunities for captivating shots. This blog post will take you through my journey, offering insights into the location’s charm and the fascinating lives of the grey seals.

Preparing for the Trip

When planning a trip to photograph wildlife, especially the charming grey seals at Horsey Gap, preparation is key. Horsey Gap was chosen for its reputation as one of the best locations in Norfolk for observing grey seals in their natural habitat. Its serene beaches and dunes provide an ideal backdrop for wildlife photography, making it a must-visit for photographers.

For this trip, I relied on my trusted Canon EOS 5DS R, a camera body known for its exceptional image quality and detail, essential for capturing the intricate features of the seals. Equipping it with my reliable Sigma 150-600mm Sport Lens allowed me to photograph the seals from a distance without disturbing them, ensuring both their comfort and the integrity of my shots.

Research played a crucial role in the preparation process. Understanding the best times for seal sightings and identifying the optimal spots at Horsey Gap ensured that I was in the right place at the right time. This groundwork enabled me to maximise my time and capture the Horsey Gap grey seals in all their natural glory.

Encounter with the Grey Seals

Wildlife photography tips: Finding the Seals and Initial Observations

grey seals

The excitement was palpable as I approached Horsey Gap, camera gear in tow. Renowned for its grey seal colony, Horsey Gap is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers alike. As I reached the beach, the sight of grey seals lounging on the sand was a rewarding confirmation that my planning had paid off. From a distance, their sleek, silvery bodies were almost indistinguishable from the surrounding sand, blending seamlessly with their environment.

grey seals

Walking closer, but keeping a respectful distance, I began to make out more details: the playful antics of the pups, the lazy stretches of the adults, and the occasional splash as a seal entered or exited the water. The seals were scattered along the shore, some in small groups and others solitary, basking in the warm June sun. Their initial wariness of my presence quickly dissipated as they returned to their natural behaviors, providing a wealth of photographic opportunities.

Behavior and Interaction: Notable Behaviors of the Seals and Any Interactions Observed

grey seals

Observing the seals in their natural habitat was a lesson in marine mammal behavior. The seals exhibited a range of activities, each more fascinating than the last. The pups, with their large, curious eyes, were particularly engaging. They would nuzzle up to their mothers, roll in the sand, and even venture short distances into the shallow waters, always returning quickly to the safety of the shore.

The adults displayed a mix of leisurely and social behaviors. Some were sprawled out on the sand, seemingly asleep, while others engaged in more interactive activities. I witnessed several seals engaging in what appeared to be playful banter, vocalising and mock-fighting with each other. Their barks and grunts filled the air, adding an auditory layer to the visual spectacle.

One of the most striking observations was the clear hierarchy within the groups. Dominant males, distinguishable by their larger size and assertive postures, often claimed prime spots on the beach and were surrounded by smaller groups of females and pups. These males would occasionally assert their dominance through short, but intense, confrontations with other males who ventured too close.

Challenges Faced: Difficulties in Capturing the Perfect Shot

Photographing these dynamic and often unpredictable creatures was no small feat. One of the primary challenges was the constantly changing lighting conditions. The bright, reflective sand and the shimmering water created harsh contrasts and overexposures in many of my shots. Adjusting the camera settings on my Canon EOS 5DS R to balance the exposure while maintaining the detail of the seals’ features required constant vigilance.

Grey Seals: Stunning Moments Capturing the Joy at Horsey Gap in 2024

Another challenge was the movement of the seals. While some remained relatively still, others were in constant motion—whether it was a pup scampering along the shore, an adult moving to a new spot, or a group interacting in the water. Capturing these moments required quick reflexes and continuous shooting modes to ensure I didn’t miss the perfect frame. The Sigma 150-600mm Sport Lens was invaluable here, allowing me to zoom in on distant subjects without disturbing them.

Distance also posed a challenge. Maintaining a respectful distance to avoid disturbing the seals meant relying heavily on the zoom capabilities of my lens. Even then, some shots required cropping and careful composition to highlight the seals effectively while preserving the context of their environment.

Despite these challenges, the experience was immensely rewarding. Each obstacle overcome made the successful shots all the more satisfying, and the time spent observing these incredible animals in their natural habitat was an unforgettable highlight of the trip. The photographs captured serve not just as memories, but as a testament to the beauty and resilience of the grey seals at Horsey Gap.


My trip to Horsey Gap was an unforgettable journey into the heart of nature, where the serene beauty of the Norfolk coast met the captivating presence of grey seals. From the moment I spotted the seals lounging on the beach to the intricate behaviors I observed and photographed, every moment was a testament to the wonders of wildlife photography. Equipped with my Canon EOS 5DS R and Sigma 150-600mm Sport Lens, I navigated the challenges of lighting, movement, and distance to capture stunning images of these magnificent creatures. The experience reinforced the importance of preparation, patience, and respect for nature in wildlife photography.

I invite you to visit Horsey Gap and immerse yourself in its natural splendor. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or a casual observer, the opportunity to witness grey seals in their natural habitat is a rare and rewarding experience. Bring your camera, capture your own moments, and share them. Each visit contributes to the appreciation and preservation of these beautiful creatures and their environment.

The beauty of nature is boundless, and capturing it through photography offers a unique way to connect with the world around us. Every photograph tells a story, and every trip into the wild brings new lessons and memories. The joy of wildlife photography lies not just in the images we create, but in the experiences and connections we forge along the way. Horsey Gap and its grey seals provided a perfect canvas for this passion, reminding me of the profound beauty and resilience of nature.

Video of Grey Seal Photographs

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Grey Seals: Stunning Moments Capturing the Joy at Horsey Gap in 2024



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