Mushroom Macro Photography

On the border of rural North Hampshire and Berkshire, England, lies a hidden gem known as Wasing Country Park. It’s a place that holds a special place in my heart, not just for its scenic beauty but for the endless photographic opportunities it offers. On a recent crisp Autumn day, I embarked on a personal trip to explore the enchanting world of mushroom macro photography, armed with my camera and a keen eye for capturing the magic hidden in the forest. The Enchanting Woodland of Wasing Country Park Wasing Country Park is a serene oasis, a place where nature thrives in all its glory. AsRead More →

Facts about photography

Welcome to 50 incredible and lesser known facts about photography. Get ready to discover unique techniques, equipment, historical trivia, and creative possibilities that will expand your understanding and appreciation for this amazing art form. Whether you’re a photography enthusiast or an aspiring artist, join me on this fascinating journey as we uncover the hidden gems of photography together with fun facts about photography! Let’s dive in and explore the intriguing world of photography like never before! The following questions are related to why I’ve created this post; If you’ve ever been asked or wondering? then read on. Table of Facts about Photography Thank you forRead More →

Masterful Telephoto Lens Photography: Capturing 5 Spectacular Images

Handheld Telephoto lens photography for Wildlife can be a challenging task. This is something I’ve always wanted to do while I’ve been out and about doing landscapes. Having previously attempted in a minor way, with a 300mm cheap lens unsuccessfully, I’d almost put this arm of photography to the back of my mind. Unlocking the World of Wildlife with the Sigma 150-600mm Sport Telephoto Lens After patiently saving for four years and meticulously researching my options, I recently made a significant investment in a lens that promises to elevate my wildlife photography game—the Sigma 150-600mm Sport telephoto lens. Excitement and anticipation filled me as IRead More →