Morgaston Ancient Woodlands: A Photo Journey
Morgaston Ancient Woodlands: A Photo Journey

Morgaston Ancient Woodlands: A Photo Journey

As an avid nature photographer, I am always on the lookout for new and beautiful locations to capture the magic of the natural world through my lens. One early morning in mid-April, I embarked on a photographic trip to my local woodland, Morgaston Ancient Woodlands, which is part of the National Trust at the Vyne in Hampshire. Despite the darkness of the pre-dawn hour, I was eager to capture the serene beauty of the woodlands before the arrival of the highly anticipated bluebell season.

Morgaston Ancient Woodlands

Capturing the Magic of Morgaston Woodlands: A Photographic Adventure through The Vine Wetlands & Woodlands

Setting out well before sunrise, I arrived at Morgaston Ancient Woodlands with my camera and tripod in tow. The air was cool and crisp, and a sense of excitement filled the air as I made my way through the dimly lit woods. The anticipation of witnessing the woodland awakening with the first light of day was palpable, the noise, indescribable!

As I ventured deeper into the woods, I was greeted by the sounds of nature coming to life, perfect mood/feeling for my photography blog. The rustling of leaves, the chirping of birds, and the distant hoots of owls created a symphony of sounds that added to the enchantment of the moment. Despite the darkness, I set up my camera and started taking long-exposure shots of the woodland, capturing the ethereal beauty of the trees and the stillness of the landscape.

Morgaston Ancient Woodlands

As the first light of dawn began to break through the canopy of trees, I was mesmerised by the brilliant orange glow that painted the sky beyond the treeline. The soft light gradually illuminated the woodland floor, revealing the intricate details of the foliage and the textures of the bark. I adjusted my camera settings to capture the changing light and continued to capture the essence of Morgaston Ancient Woodlands through my lens.

Although the bluebells had not yet bloomed, I was captivated by the subtle beauty of the woodland. The moss-covered logs, the delicate ferns unfurling, and the patches of wildflowers peeking through the undergrowth added to the charm of the ancient woodlands. I moved quietly through the woods, seeking out unique compositions and angles to capture the essence of this special place.

Morgaston Ancient Woodlands

The Vyne Wetlands

As the sun rose higher in the sky, I ventured towards the Vyne wetlands the other side of the woods, hoping to capture some shots of the local wildlife, perfect for my photography blog. The wetlands were teeming with life, and I was lucky to spot a graceful swan gliding through the calm waters (The swans flying sound, pure delight). Despite the challenging lighting conditions, I managed to capture a few shots of the swan, albeit with a slightly darker tone due to the early hour.

As I continued my photographic journey, I was struck by the incredible diversity of animal life in Morgaston Ancient Woodlands. I spotted deer gracefully leaping through the woods, squirrels scampering up trees, and a myriad of bird species fluttering about. It was a reminder of the importance of preserving and protecting these ancient woodlands as habitats for countless species.

As the morning progressed, more visitors started to arrive at the woodlands, and the tranquility of the early morning gave way to the hustle and bustle of the day. I packed up my camera gear, feeling grateful for the opportunity to witness and capture the beauty of Morgaston Ancient Woodlands in its serene, pre-dawn state.

My early morning photographic trip to Morgaston Ancient Woodlands and the Vine Wetlands was a truly magical experience. Despite the darkness, the woodlands came alive with the sounds of nature awakening, and the changing light created a canvas of breathtaking beauty. From the ancient trees to the delicate wildflowers, and the graceful wildlife, every aspect of the woodlands was a treasure to behold and capture through my lens. It was a reminder of the importance of connecting with nature and preserving these precious natural spaces for future generations to enjoy.

Kit Bag

CameraCanon 5DSr
LensesA wide-angle lens for landscape shots, a macro lens for close-ups, and a telephoto lens for wildlife photography
TripodA sturdy tripod for stable shots and long exposures
Remote shutter releaseTo minimise camera shake during long exposures
FiltersNeutral density filters for controlling exposure and polarizing filters for enhancing colors and reducing glare
Extra batteriesTo ensure you have enough power for an extended shoot
Memory cardsSufficient memory cards to store all your images
Lens cleaning kitTo keep your lenses clean and free from dust and smudges
Backpack or camera bagTo safely carry and transport your gear
Weather protectionRain covers or plastic bags to protect your camera and lenses from moisture and dew
Proper clothingAppropriate clothing for the weather, including waterproof gear and sturdy footwear
Headlamp or flashlightTo navigate in low-light conditions and light up your subject for focusing
Field guide or smartphone appTo identify local flora and fauna for better storytelling in your images

Of course, the specific equipment you need may vary depending on your photography style and preferences. It’s always a good idea to plan ahead, research the location, and pack accordingly to ensure that you have everything you need for a successful woodland photographic trip.

10 interesting facts about Morgaston Ancient Woodlands, part of the National Trust at The Vyne in Hampshire:

  1. Age and History: Morgaston Ancient Woodlands is estimated to be over 400 years old, with some trees dating back to the 1600s. The woodlands have a rich history and were once part of a hunting ground for the Vyne Estate.
  2. Location: Morgaston Ancient Woodlands is located in Hampshire, England, and is part of The Vyne, a historic country estate managed by the National Trust. It covers approximately 300 acres of land and is known for its diverse ecosystem and picturesque scenery.
  3. Bluebells: The woodlands are famous for their stunning display of bluebells in spring. The woodland floor is covered with a carpet of these beautiful flowers, creating a magical and enchanting scene.
  4. Wildlife: Morgaston Ancient Woodlands is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including deer, rabbits, squirrels, birds, and insects. The woodlands provide important habitat for many species and are a haven for nature enthusiasts and photographers.
  5. Tree Species: The woodlands consist of a mix of broadleaf tree species, including oak, beech, ash, and hazel, which provide important habitats for a diverse range of flora and fauna. Although, at the time of writing, Ash Dieback has found these ancient woodlands and management of their removal is ongoing.
  6. Conservation: The National Trust actively manages and conserves Morgaston Ancient Woodlands to protect its biodiversity and cultural heritage. Conservation efforts include tree maintenance, woodland management, and invasive species control to ensure the woodlands remain healthy and vibrant.
  7. Walking Trails: The woodlands offer a network of walking trails, allowing visitors to explore and appreciate the natural beauty of the area. These trails are well-maintained and provide opportunities for photography, birdwatching, and peaceful walks in nature.
  8. Cultural Significance: The woodlands have a long history of human interaction, including charcoal production, timber harvesting, and traditional woodland crafts. These activities have shaped the cultural significance of Morgaston Ancient Woodlands and contributed to its unique character.
  9. Seasonal Changes: The woodlands exhibit stunning changes throughout the seasons, from the vibrant colors of spring with bluebells and blossoms, to the lush green foliage of summer, the golden hues of autumn, and the stark beauty of winter.
  10. Educational Programs: The National Trust offers educational programs and activities for visitors of all ages to learn about the natural and cultural heritage of Morgaston Ancient Woodlands. These programs provide opportunities for hands-on learning and appreciation of the woodlands’ ecological importance.

Morgaston Ancient Woodlands is a precious natural treasure with a rich history, diverse ecosystem, and unique charm. It offers a perfect setting for photography enthusiasts, nature lovers, and those seeking tranquility in the beauty of the English countryside. Whether capturing the magical bluebells in spring, the wildlife that calls the woodlands home, or the changing seasons throughout the year, Morgaston Ancient Woodlands is a haven for nature photography enthusiasts and a place to appreciate the wonders of the natural world. Now home to write my photography blog and perhaps a video…

Morgaston Wood Video

Morgaston Ancient Woodlands: A Photo Journey



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