Kodak Gold Film

Introduction Welcome, fellow photography enthusiasts, to an enchanting exploration of the world of street photography. Through this guide, I invite you to join me in delving into the captivating art of capturing life’s candid moments, all while harnessing the nostalgic allure of 35mm colour film. In the following paragraphs, we will embark on a journey through the magic of Kodak Gold film, uncover 35mm colour film techniques to elevate your street photography skills (and Street photography techniques), and unveil the hidden treasures that Winchester’s historic streets have to offer. This article is also a bit of a kodak gold 200 film review! The Allure ofRead More →

Mastering the Art: Unveiling the Wonders of Colour 35mm Film with Kodak Ultramax ISO 400

Exploring the world of colour 35mm film photography is like embarking on a journey of self-expression and creativity. When it comes to capturing memories, digital cameras have dominated the scene for quite some time. However, there’s a unique charm to film photography that digital can’t quite replicate. In this article, I’ll dive into my first attempt at using Ultramax ISO 400, a colour film that brought a nostalgic twist to my photographic journey. Unveiling Kodak Ultramax ISO 400 Rediscovering Authenticity with Colour 35mm Film In the age of digital marvels, trying out a 35mm film felt like a step back in time. The Kodak UltramaxRead More →

35mm Urban Photography

Introduction Hey there, fellow photography enthusiasts! I want to take a moment to share a personal adventure that sparked my deep love for 35mm urban photography and how it led me on an exciting journey through captivating cities like Winchester, Scotland, and Hungerford. Grab a cup of coffee and join me as I unfold the enchantment of capturing the essence of these places through the vintage charm of a 35mm film camera, my old faithful Canon AE-1 Program.. There’s something I’ve found that’s truly magical about urban photography. It’s like stepping into a different world, where every corner holds a unique story waiting to beRead More →

Winchester Black and White 35mm Film of Winchester Cathedral

Disclaimer: None of the following constitutes legal advice for Urban Street Photography. My Urban Street Photography This blog entry covers my recent trip to the city of Winchester. My photographic project idea covered a few elements that I wanted to try or test out. So, armed with my trusty old Canon AE-1 Program and a 35mm roll of Ilford FP4Plus, I set off. The idea was to capture some Urban Photography, specifically, Winchester on Black and White Film in 2023, a photography project that I have been planning on for the past year. Ive placed the photos in the video above just for those whoRead More →