Stephen Paul Young Photography


Sea Shells

Embark on a journey through the treasures of the sea with my handpicked collection of 13 seashells. Each shell holds a story of its own, from the smooth curves of the conch to the delicate patterns of the scallop. Whether you’re reminiscing about beach days or adding a coastal touch to your home, these shells bring the magic of the ocean to your fingertips. Let their beauty transport you to sandy shores and salty breezes, where every shell tells a tale of adventure and wonder.


In the forest, amidst the quiet hum of life, I discovered a hidden world within. With each photo, I captured the vibrant colours and intricate textures, revealing nature’s quiet artistry. From the elegant curve of a fungi to the delicate web of mycelium, these images spoke of symbiosis and growth. They reminded me of the beauty found in simplicity and the interconnectedness of all living things.