Remarkable D-Day 80 Black and White Photos

Black and white photography has a unique allure that transcends time, stripping away the distractions of colour to reveal the essence of the subject. Attending the commemorative event at the Control Tower at the former RAF base at Greenham Common presented me with a perfect opportunity to harness the power of black and white photography. This site, rich with historical significance, was once at the heart of pivotal moments during the Cold War. The Control Tower, now a symbol of reflection and remembrance, stands as a testament to the past. Photographing this event in black and white photos not only highlighted the details of theRead More →

Lomography Lady Grey

Picture this: the salty breeze caresses your skin as you stroll along the cobbled streets of Charlestown, Cornwall. Around you, the harbour glistens under the gentle kiss of the early evening sun, painting a scene straight out of a maritime dream. It’s moments like these that made me reach for my trusty old Canon AE-1 Program, ready to capture the essence of this coastal haven. And what better companion for this voyage of visual storytelling than Lomography Lady Grey Film. In this journey, I’m not documenting scenes; I’m unraveling the soul of Charlestown, one click at a time. Join me as I dive into theRead More →

Winchester Black and White 35mm Film of Winchester Cathedral

Disclaimer: None of the following constitutes legal advice for Urban Street Photography. My Urban Street Photography This blog entry covers my recent trip to the city of Winchester. My photographic project idea covered a few elements that I wanted to try or test out. So, armed with my trusty old Canon AE-1 Program and a 35mm roll of Ilford FP4Plus, I set off. The idea was to capture some Urban Photography, specifically, Winchester on Black and White Film in 2023, a photography project that I have been planning on for the past year. Ive placed the photos in the video above just for those whoRead More →